Multichannel Output Recording (Logic)

Multichannel Output Recording allows you to record each bank in Beat Discovery into individual audio tracks. View how to set it up for your DAW below.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X 10.2.4 with BeatDiscovery AU

· Start Logic and Choose File New (1)
· Then choose Software Instrument project type (2)
· Beatdiscovery as the Instrument (3)


· Then click Create.


· When selecting Beatdiscovery as the instrument, choose the Multi-Output (16 x Stereo) version.


· Close all panes except the Inspector and the Mixer


· Open the BeatDiscovery Plugin


· In BeatDiscovery, click the main menu button at the top right corner and check Enable Multi-Channel Output.

· In Logic, go to the mixer and find the channel strip called Inst1, find the little [+] button


· Hit the [+] button 15 times. This should have created 15 Aux channels, called Aux 1 thru Aux 15.


You should see and hear the 16 Beat Discovery outputs are now mapped to the Inst1 and 15 Aux channels. The mapping is as follows:


Next, you want to send the OUTPUT of:

Beat Discovery (Kick 1) to BUS 1
Channel 2 (Kick 2) to BUS 2
Channel 3 (Kick 3) to BUS 3

All the way to channel 16.


Now, create 16 new audio tracks.


Finally, assign the input for:

Audio Track 1 to BUS 1
Audio Track 2 to BUS 2
Audio Track 3 to BUS 3

All the way to channel 16.


All you need to do now is ARM every audio track, and then press record when you’re ready. It should now record the audio of each individual bank to each individual track. You’ll now be able to fine tune your mix by adding compression, EQ, reverb, and other effects to each bank on Beat Discovery.