Multichannel Output Recording (Ableton)

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Multichannel Output Recording allows you to record each bank in Beat Discovery into individual audio tracks.
View how to set it up for your DAW below.

Ableton Live

– Drag & drop a new Beat Discovery VST instance on an Ableton midi track (1)
– mute it (2)
– Then open the BeatDiscovery UI (3)


– Then inside the Beat Discovery VST, click the option button at the top right, and check Enable Multi-Channel Output.


– Within BeatDiscovery, load a sample pack (any will do, as long as it has a sound loaded in KICK1)
· Start the BeatDiscovery transport
· In Ableton, delete all tracks except the BeatDiscovery one
· Now insert a new audio track and name it KICK1 (1)
· Set “Audio From” to “1-beatdiscovery” and Post-FX (2)
· and set Monitor to In (3).
· Now check that you hear KICK1 and see the VU meter light up (4)


· Now insert an additional audio track in Ableton and call it SNARE1
· Configure it similarly to the KICK1 track, but set the second Audio From combo to SNARE1 L/-beatdiscovery.
· You should now hear and see the snare hits coming in to the SNARE1 track


· Now insert another audio track for HATS1.. and so on… for any BeatDiscovery output you wish to use


· All you need to do now is ARM every audio track, and then press record when you’re ready. It should now record the audio of each individual bank to each individual track. You’ll now be able to fine tune your mix by adding compression, EQ, reverb, and other effects to each bank on Beat Discovery.


In Ableton, only output 2..15 are named after the BeatDiscovery sound types. Output 1 is always called Post FX by Ableton. If you disable multi-channel output again in BeatDiscovery, you’ll hear the entire 16 channel mix being sent to Output 1.