Export patterns and sounds

You can export both patterns & sounds individually, or together. Simply go to MIDI EDIT, then right click the grid, or click the MORE button, and select Import/Export

Export current to Midi…
Exports the currently selected bank to MIDI.

Export ALL To A Single Midi Track…
Exports the entire sequence into one MIDI track.

Export ALL To Separate Midi Tracks…
Exports the entire sequence into separate midi tracks.

Export Midi And Samples…
Exports the entire sequencer into separate midi tracks, and place them into a folder with the sounds you’ve loaded. This option can be imported back into Beat Discovery.


Drag & Drop Pattern Directly to DAW

You can also drag and drop your patterns from Beat Discovery directly to your DAW. Drag the MIDI icon to drag the entire pattern to your DAW.


Or click and drag the name of the row into your daw


Unfortunately DAW’s don’t allow you to directly drag and drop patterns from your DAW to Beat Discovery, but you can drag and drop your MIDI files from your desktop or folder directly into Beat Discovery.