Edit Midi

To edit the MIDI of any pattern, select the MIDI EDIT tab.

From here you can:

Highlight MIDI blocks to drag and drop or cut and paste

Simply highlight a MIDI block or blocks, and copy or cut using standard shortcut ctrl/cmd-x, ctrl/cmd-c.
Then click the exact space on the grid you want to paste it by using standard shortcut ctrl/cmd-v

NOTE: On some MACS, to delete a highlighted pattern you must press FN+DELETE


Click and drag MIDI blocks

You can either click one MIDI block or highlight a group of MIDI blocks to drag and drop to another location.

Midi blocks are color coded depending on their position or function.

Blue = Quantized
Red = Selected Quantized Block


Yellow = Unquantized
Oranged = Selected Unquantized block


Set the shift/swing time

You can set your Shift/Swing time by selecting SHIFT, then choosing an option. Example: if you set the shift time to Small (1/128th note) Swing, this will move the block in 1/128th increments when you drag the block.


Click the grid to create or delete MIDI blocks

You can create MIDI blocks by clicking on the grid, or clicking on a MIDI block to delete it.

Right click the grid to pull up various options

You can also right click the row you want to edit to bring up various options like