Change patterns & sounds

Two of the most foundational features are the ability to change patterns & sounds on the fly.

Change All Sounds

The CHANGE ALL SOUNDS knob allows you to randomly change all of the sounds from each banks sample folder while a sequencer is playing. This allows you to hear combinations of sounds that would probably never hear together otherwise. When you turn the knob forward you will hear a new combination. When you turn it back, you will hear the previous combination. So it’s random as it goes forward, but recalls the combination when you turn back, this way if you hear something cool, you can go back to it.



There are 50 possible combination in one full knob rotation. In order to generate another 50 combinations, click the RECOMPUTE button. You can recompute endless sound combinations, and UNDO all the way to your first combination. This button is particularly useful for when you have folders with lots of samples.


Change Individual Sounds

Sometimes you might only want to change one sound in one bank, in those instances you can simply click the CHANGE button to switch to a new sound within the bank.


Change Pattern

The CHANGE PATTERN knob allows you to browse through the patterns within a folder of a sample pack. A sample pack could have 1000 pattern folders, but each folder will only have 16 patterns. You can either turn the knob to change the pattern, or you can use the drop down menu to select patterns.



When you want to change the folder, simply use the drop down menu to select the folder, then use the knob (or drop down) to browse. Pattern folders can have various genres, or only stick to one genre. Patterns also have a suggested tempo, but you certainly don’t have to follow the suggestion.