Can I sell my sample packs on Beat Discovery?


Vendor Requirements

1. You must have a valid Beat Discovery license that matches your email
2. Your samples must be original.
3. You must provide your own cover artwork.

We reserve the right to deny any submission for any reason.


Payment Splits

Vendors get 70% of each sale of their Sample Packs. We use PayPal Adaptive Payments for automated payouts. This means any time your sample pack is sold, you get paid immediately through PayPal. If you ever want to audit us, all you need to do is purchase your own sample pack on our site, then immediately check your PayPal account to see if you were paid.

We don’t refund audits.


Retail prices for Sample Packs

Vendors can submit their own prices, being no lower than $5 and no more than $100.


Create Your Sample Packs

BeatDiscovery comes with the World’s First Sample Pack creator, read this article on how to use it.

Using BeatDiscovery’s built In Sample Pack Creator


Submit Your Sample Pack

Include this within your zip file:

– Fully functioning Sample Pack
– Include your Beat Discovery License that matches your email
– A verified PayPal email address

By submitting your Sample Pack, you agree to our Beat Discovery Vendor Agreement.  We suggest using to upload your Sample Pack, and include the WeTransfer download link in your submission. Please allow up to 1 week for verification and submission response.

Send your submission here