How do I activate my Beat Discovery license?

If you have already purchased Beat Discovery, you should have received an email with your license key. Below explains how to activate your license key.

· Click the main menu button at the top right corner, then choose Help, then Enter License Key.
The license activation form should now appear:


· In the license activation form, check ENTER A LICENSE KEY:


· Enter the license key you received earlier by email after purchase.
If you don’t have a license key yet and wish to purchase one, click BUY ONLINE.


· The next steps will activate your license key on the current machine.
There are two ways you can activate:

1. Online, via the internet. This is easiest and recommended way. This requires that your machine is currently connected to the internet.

2. Offline, via email. This is only recommended if your machine cannot connect to the internet at this moment. For offline activation, you will still need a way to send and receive an email, possibly from another machine or from your phone.


ACTIVATE ONLINE (recommended)

· Make sure YES is checked after I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.
Note: this can take a few seconds for it to complete.


· When activation is successful you should see the Activation succeeded message.
For some time-limited keys the message might display an expiration date as well.


· Press OK to continue.
The license activation form should now close and the product should be unlocked.



· Activating a license offline is more cumbersome and slower, and therefore not recommended unless online activation is absolutely impossible to complete.

· First enter your license key, as described before.


A text box should appear pre-filled with the text to request an activation code.


· Next, select all of the text in the text box, right-click and copy it or click ‘Copy to clipboard’.


· Now open the email program of your choice and paste the copied text into the body of a new email message. If necessary, you can also do this from another machine or from your phone, by entering the same text by hand. In that case please double check that the license key and hardware id codes are exactly as shown in the form or else activation will not succeed.

Address the email to
The subject should read “product activation request”

· When done, send the email to BeatDiscovery product support. Since this is NOT an automated process, please allow up to 3 business days for response. A Beat Discovery product support assistant will respond by sending you a manual activation code by email. This code has a similar format as the license key.

· Once you have received the activation code, start BeatDiscovery again
on the same machine you tried to activate earlier.

· Then follow the same steps for entering your license, up to the ‘I HAVE RECEIVED A PRODUCT ACTIVATION CODE’ question. You do not need to be connected to the internet for this.


· Then enter your product activation code in the field ‘MY PRODUCT ACTIVATION CODE IS’.

· If the license key, activation code and machine all match,
then the ACTIVATE PRODUCT button should become enabled.

· Next, click ‘ACTIVATE PRODUCT’. This may take a few seconds.


· If activation was successful you should see this message:


· If the ACTIVATE PRODUCT button did not become enabled or activation resulted in an error message, some of the reasons could be:

– You entered a different license key than the one used for requesting an activation code.
Solution: use the right license key.

– You tried to activate on a different machine than the one you used for requesting the activation code.
Solution: use the same machine for both

– A long time has passed between requesting the activation code and applying it to a machine.
The machine’s hardware might have had upgrades or changed in other respects.
Solution: request a new activation code.


Activation limitations

– You can activate a single license key on up to three of your personal machines at the same time. For instance, you could activate it on a PC, a Macbook Pro and an iMac. The licenses are personal so you should not activate them on a machine that you don’t own or use personally. If you wish to activate on more than three machines, please contact Beat Discovery support for help in deactivating older machines.

– Reactivation of a license is possible, but is limited to a reasonable number of times on the same machine. During normal use you should never encounter this limit. Reactivation can be needed for instance after you reinstall your machine from scratch and/or have wiped the Beat Discovery settings from your machine in another way. If for any reason your key does not activate, and you think is an error, contact Beat Discovery support for help.

– Please be aware that you should store your key in a secure location and never share it with other people. In case your key is nevertheless stolen or compromised, activation might not work any longer once the party that stole it has activated it for themselves. If you think your key was stolen or compromised, please contact Beat Discovery support for help.