Why can I only hear the kick bank?

This is a common issue that happens when you enable multi-channel output and don’t have monitoring enabled on the output track.  You can either enable monitoring, or you can turn off multi-channel output by clicking the option button in the top right corner, then deselect “Enable Multi Channel Output”.  

Where is my activation license number?

After completing your order, you should receive an email with a link to the download & your activation number. If you have an account, you can login at https://www.beatdiscovery.com/my-account. Click ORDERS > then ORDER NUMBER to view your Order Details.  You will be able to see your transaction info, a link […]

Multichannel Output Recording (Logic)

Multichannel Output Recording allows you to record each bank in Beat Discovery into individual audio tracks. View how to set it up for your DAW below. Logic Pro X Logic Pro X 10.2.4 with BeatDiscovery AU · Start Logic and Choose File New (1) · Then choose Software Instrument project […]

Program Patterns

There are 2 ways to program patterns, inside Beat Discovery or within the DAW. How you choose to program patterns is usually dependent on the style you’re trying to create. If you want to make hip hop beats that are heavily swinging, it’s easiest to program that within your DAW. […]

Tips for using Beat Discovery

We’ve been using it for some time, and here’s some tips we’ve learned. Use awesome sounds. An awesome pattern with mediocre sounds can make you think the pattern isn’t good. Make sure your samples are choice. When you have great sounds, the patterns will only accentuate them. We hand pick […]

Undo & Redo

Beat Discovery has unlimited UNDO/REDO. What’s cool is if you’ve even loaded many different sample packs throughout your session, you can still UNDO and go all the way back to the first sample pack you loaded!

How do I activate my Beat Discovery license?

If you have already purchased Beat Discovery, you should have received an email with your license key. Below explains how to activate your license key. · Click the main menu button at the top right corner, then choose Help, then Enter License Key. The license activation form should now appear: […]

Multichannel Output Recording (Ableton)

Multichannel Output Recording allows you to record each bank in Beat Discovery into individual audio tracks. View how to set it up for your DAW below. Ableton Live – Drag & drop a new Beat Discovery VST instance on an Ableton midi track (1) – mute it (2) – Then […]

How many samples come preinstalled?

12 Sample packs with over 5,000 samples + hundreds of patterns come preinstalled with Beat Discovery. Hip Hop: Off grid neck snapping patterns. Trap: Radio ready patterns ready for you to transform. Acoustic Drums: Live drum patterns + Live acoustic drum samples Vintage Drum Machines: Classic drum patterns. And many more.. Preview all […]

Can I use Beat Discovery live?

Totally! It’s actually really cool to use live. You can export your own patterns, name them, organize them into a folder, then load them. Tip: The knob is cool for searching for new patterns, but if you want to be precise with your sequence transitions, use the drop down menu […]

Double time & half time sequence tempo

Sometimes a preset pattern was programmed to sound best at half or double the tempo of your session. To easily double or half time your entire pattern, go to the MIDI EDIT view, then click the more button on the right corner, and click on TRANSFORM, then select Halve Speed […]

Load custom sample folders

You can load your own sample folders. Simply click on the sample bank label on the bottom of the sequencer, then select “Set Sample Folder…”. Tip: After you’ve loaded a folder, you can also click the same sample bank label, and click “Copy Folder To All” to duplicate the sample […]

Export patterns and sounds

You can export both patterns & sounds individually, or together. Simply go to MIDI EDIT, then right click the grid, or click the MORE button, and select Import/Export Export current to Midi… Exports the currently selected bank to MIDI. Export ALL To A Single Midi Track… Exports the entire sequence […]

Load / Installing sample packs

Installing:  When you first install Beat Discovery, 3 sample packs will come installed with it. When you buy a Beat Discovery license, you will get another installer that will install 9 more sample packs.  Follow the steps to install the packs.  If you’re installing premium sample packs you’ve purchased, simply unzip […]

Install Beat Discovery (Win)

Minimum Requirements: – Windows 7 SP1 or later (32-bit or 64-bit). – 1GB HD space Note: On 64-bit Windows you can install both the 32- and 64-bit plugin versions. Installation Instructions 1. Download the file ‘BeatDiscovery_v1.0.xxxx.exe’ and open it. Then click ‘Next’ at the introduction screen 2. Read & accept […]

Install Beat Discovery (OSX)

Minimum Requirements – OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or later – 1GB HD space Installation Instructions 1. Download the file ‘BeatDiscovery_v1.0.xxxx.dmg’, and Open file and double click the “Install BeatDiscovery.pkg” icon 2. Click ‘Continue’ at introduction screen & read end user license agreement and press ‘Continue’. 3. Click ‘Install’ to accept standard […]

Set your grid & swing your beats

You can set the grid by clicking MIDI EDIT, then clicking inside the GRID box. If you start with a low grid resolution, you won’t have much room to create polyrhythms. But you can always start with a low grid resolution, then increase it. When you increase the grid resolution, […]

Transform patterns

Transform allows you to easily manipulate the pattern of any selected bank. Simply click the Bank title, and you can choose from: Flip Random Cells This function is designed to slightly change an existing pattern. This only works if a bank already has a pattern filled. You can use the […]

Sample Control

You have full control of each bank’s sample. You can: Double or half the speed of the sample pattern by clicking – or + Change the pitch of the sample by clicking & dragging up or down Controlling the length of a sample by clicking and dragging the bar left […]

Fill patterns

Fill patterns is an easy and quick way to create patterns without playing them, or clicking them out. We’ve included basic kick, snare, and hi hat patterns which you can shift, double/half time, and transform. Use “Hi Hat Rolls” for instant hi hat patterns. Tip: You can use an experimental […]

Change patterns & sounds

Two of the most foundational features are the ability to change patterns & sounds on the fly. Change All Sounds The CHANGE ALL SOUNDS knob allows you to randomly change all of the sounds from each banks sample folder while a sequencer is playing. This allows you to hear combinations […]

Who created Beat Discovery?

Beat Discovery was conceived and designed by RUCKAZOID and programmed with love by Leo Olivers of Mucoder. The idea was to merge the ease of analog drum machines together with the digital world of unlimited sounds. After the initial user interface was designed, they both partnered up to bring something […]

Edit Midi

To edit the MIDI of any pattern, select the MIDI EDIT tab. From here you can: Highlight MIDI blocks to drag and drop or cut and paste Simply highlight a MIDI block or blocks, and copy or cut using standard shortcut ctrl/cmd-x, ctrl/cmd-c. Then click the exact space on the […]